talk teeth!

here we have the forever living fluoride free tooth gel. The first time I tried this it didn’t feel so harsh on my gums, quite often my gums can sting after brushing my teeth, maybe I’m too hard with the brush! It also seemed odd becuse of the ingredients of aloe vera and bee propolis! […]

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Learning lifestyle & philosophies!

I never really knew where i was going with this blog, the answer for things often comes at a random moment, what I call a “Moment of clarity”! I have always held the belief you just never stop learning…..well until your gone…maybe you still do in the hereafter….but thats a question for another time!!! so […]

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do you know?

do you know a few years ago, I would never ever of dreamed of telling “a crush” I was crushing! why? because of low self esteem, feelings of worthlessness, that I wasn’t pretty enough, intelligent enough, to fat an so on and so on and so on!! you get the jist! how did I conquer […]

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so what happened?

Well as I said earlier I wanted to tell my crush, I had a crush on him. I did! I text him! The one thing I thought I would like to get out of this was to make someone else feel good! I felt sick as I quickly pressed send without thinking. It was over […]

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to tell a crush how you feel?!

Right welcome first and foremost. never blogged before thought it could be interesting/helpful….etc.. I’m starting off pondering the question…. should you tell a crush how you feel? Well it just so happens I have had a crush for way over a year and think I’m going to tell him…today…a bit early now! I am 99% […]

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